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Hosting, Maintenance & Security Pack

Hosting, Maintenance & Security Pack

Keep Your WordPress Site Safe & Secure For Only £50 A Month

Our hosting, maintenance & security pack helps keep your website safe from malicious attacks and ensures that it remains active. See the benefits our package provides below:

Core & Plugin Updates

We keep your WordPress site and plugins up-to-date with the latest releases to ensure the security of your site. These updates make it harder for malicious attacks to be successful.

Uptime Monitoring

We install software that constantly pings your website to monitor if your site does go down so that in the unlikely event this does happen, we are on hand to get your site up ASAP.

Security Monitoring

We monitor traffic coming to the site and protect it against malware, malicious IPs and brute force attacks in order to keep your site safe and secure.

SSL Certificates

As part of the package, we install an SSL certificate designed to create an encrypted link between the server and the browser so that you and your customers know your site is secure.

Daily Backups

We keep daily backups of your website to ensure that if anything bad does happen to your site, we always have a backup that can be restored almost instantly so you have peace of mind.

Website & Database Cleanup

In order to keep your website as fast as the day it was created, we regularly ‘clean’ the site of any unnecessary files that are clogging your site and stopping it from performing as well as it should.

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